Vermilion’s Notebook – Fall 2008

Sixpoint Hop Obama
This is a beer that reaches across the aisle, taking a compassionate but centrist stance. It appeals to the educated palate, with a big but refined brown malt flavor and spicy notes of hops that keep the hope alive. This beer gets my vote!

Two Brothers Bitter End
Like bitter farmers who have sold their souls for the corn subsidies. Not good.

Retasted in bottle, 8/1/2009: What happened! Suddenly I’m finding this a very refreshing summer beer, well balanced, with a toasty body and nice, eye-opening citrusy notes and a very pleasant straight bite of hops. Entirely sessionable. Perhaps there was something wrong with the tap on original tasting?

Elysian Dragontooth Stout
A beautiful dark, silky stout, powerfully malty with just enough of a hops note to keep it awake. Smooth, rich and deadly, like a Venetian courtesan at midnight.

Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA
A light, crisp IPA with dried jasmine flowers added to the boil to give it an odd and wonderful jasmine tea effect. Surprisingly delicious!

Dogfish Head Sah’tea
A modern take on a 9th century Finnish rye beer. A citrusy, grainy nose and a really light, fresh body, with tasty and not overpowering fruity notes. Rye gives some added character to the Weizen style. Very interesting spicy character from being brewed with a concoction of juniper, coriander, lemongrass, ramps and black tea. But still surprisingly mild and easily quaffable. LOVED this and could happily drink it every day (if only!).

Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron
Dark. Daaaaaaark. Like a cozy night after a wood fire has slowly gone out. Syrupy, with caramel that coats the tongue, backed up by tangy hops that pop like sparks. Almost coats the tongue enough to mask the high alcohol. Very sultry and delicious.


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  1. elizabethwillse

    “a beer that reaches across the aisle?”
    Yes, but will it push for universal health care?

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